Virtuoso Luxe Report 2019

by Katie Skrzek

Dec 4, 2018

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Global luxury travel network Virtuoso recently revealed the results of its annual travel forecast. The company deemed 2019 the year of ultra-personalized travel, with travelers wanting to experience new destinations in unique ways.


Virtuoso consulted with travel advisors in 50 countries to predict trends for the year ahead. They identified five main trends among upscale travelers:


  1. Motivation: Travelers are interested in sharing their travels on social media, going as far as requesting photography sessions to capture that perfect shot.
  2. Transportation: First- and business-class cabins are a favorite among travelers. VIP airport service, including private helicopter transfers, is on the rise.
  3. Accommodation: Unusual accommodations are increasingly popular, including everything from treehouses to tents in the Moroccan desert.
  4. Recreation: Travelers are also concerned with once-in-a-lifetime experiences like attending major events such as the Super Bowl or private tours of exclusive destinations like the Vatican.
  5. Conservation: Sustainable, animal-related experiences are a draw for travelers. Visits to animal-protection facilities or destinations to view wildlife are popular.


Other top trends for the year include multigenerational travel, adventure trips, river cruising, luxury cruising and celebration travel. The top five emerging destinations for 2019 are Japan, Croatia, Iceland, Portugal and Egypt. The top five destinations for millennials are Italy, Thailand, Iceland, South Africa and Australia.


Visit the website for more information about the report.

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