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Visit the Arctic This Winter

by Holly Riddle

Nov 14, 2019

Antarctica © Achim Baqué | Dreamstime.com


When you think about getting away during the winter months, you might imagine going somewhere tropical and warm … but what about getting away to somewhere even colder than wherever you might live? What about the Arctic?


A new Off the Map Travel experience allows guests to travel Arctic waters to view the Northern Lights, heading out into the open water for prime viewing from base points in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.


“We have found that water can enhance the experience of hunting for the Northern Lights, adding relaxation, excitement and even spirituality,” said Jonny Cooper, founder, Off the Map Travel. “Our programs have been designed and refined with this in mind and reflect the distinctiveness of each location where we travel.”


In Sweden, you’ll have access to the world’s first Arctic floating spa, Arctic Bath. Guests can view the Northern Lights from the floating spa deck or from within the natural plunge pool. The spa gives guests a cozy place to stay in their own floating cabin and treats them to a five-course dinner every night.


If you decide to head out on your Arctic adventure from Norway, you’ll see not only the Northern Lights, but some local wildlife as well. You’re invited to catch your own dinner, then prepared by your catamaran’s chef.


In Sweden, guests glamp on the frozen Arctic Sea. This option is perfect for travelers seeking a bit of romance, as it includes private activities, including the Northern Lights experience, all meals and snowmobiling and snowshoeing expeditions.


From Finland, guests search out the Northern Lights in the Arctic night sky from a rather unique vantage point. Guests are outfitted with special clothing and a dry rescue suit, then plopped into a freshly cut hole in the ice of a frozen lake, to comfortably float for a while, before enjoying a nighttime reindeer safari.


Lastly, the Iceland option is well suited to photographers, as the Arctic excursion is joined by an award-winning photo guide for an exclusive Northern Lights photography master class.


Itineraries start at $1,553 per person.


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