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Visiting the Birthplace of Modern Cereal

by Erich Martin

Aug 4, 2019

Cereal Killer Cafe, London, England © AlenaKravchenko | Dreamstime

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Everyone who ever set foot in a grocery store should be familiar with Kellogg. The name is plastered on pretty much everything, from cereal to Eggos. Consider making a trip to the Michigan town where the Kellogg brothers lived when they created modern cereal.


Battle Creek, Michigan, lies west of Detroit in the center of the state. It was the hometown of John Preston and Will Keith Kellogg, and the center of the duo’s separate business operations for years.


John Kellogg came into sole ownership of Battle Creek Sanitarium. The health resort attracted thousands of visitors who consulted with the on-site doctors. The sanitarium was the setting for John and Will’s work to invent wheat flakes, and cereal as we know it today.


Battle Creek has a bunch of attractions dedicated toward its history as the center of cereal, but there is plenty more going on as well. Stop by the Cereal History Exhibit for a more comprehensive look at the history of cereal.


There are several breweries that call Battle Creek home, so make sure to stop by if you are a beer aficionado.

Battle Creek might not be able to rival major cities like Chicago and Philadelphia, but it has a charm all its own, and is worth visiting for its historical significance alone.


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