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Wales: A Foodie Paradise

by Anne Flannery

Nov 7, 2018

Snowdonia National Park, Wales © Chee-onn Leong | Dreamstime

Trends / Food & Drink

Wales is known for some well- and lesser-known dishes. These include lamb cawl (pronounced cowell) and Welsh rarebit. The first is a simple stew with a thin broth, some leeks and potatoes, along with the requisite lamb; the second is toasted bread with a cheese sauce that may or may not include beer.


A less commonly known delicacy is the famous laverbread with cockles. Laverbread is a seaweed dish that grows on the Welsh coast and is a great source of iodine and iron. It is often cooked with bacon and/or onions and served with steamed cockles, a type of mussel. The result is a green mush, but a delicious one that can be served on bread or mixed with oats and fried with eggs without the cockles.


These more traditional dishes abound and their simplicity lends itself well to a certain kind of elegance. In addition, there are plenty of dishes that appeal to a new crowd of foodies, including sea bream and bass, served with local fennel and leeks.


There are food festivals all over Wales throughout the year, too, including the Gwledd Cnwy Festival, which includes traditional food as well as street food and demonstration kitchens.


There is also a thriving Welsh wine scene. These wines tend toward the sweeter side, but have their own unique flavor. A dry white wine from Glyndwr is sure to please anyone.


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