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When You Should Consider Upgrading Your Travel Insurance

by Holly Riddle

Nov 28, 2018

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Tips / Safety

When you’re purchasing travel insurance, the provider will often pitch you on the benefits of upgrading your coverage. While sometimes this can be useful, other times, it’s just a waste of money. Travel insurance comparison provider Squaremouth recommends you upgrade your travel insurance under the following circumstances.


You have a particular worry regarding canceling your travel plans: Most generic travel insurance policies cover trip cancellations for major events — a hurricane or a terrorist attack, for example. But they won’t cover a cancellation because of a work emergency or because your grandma passed. If you feel there’s a real chance of something like this occurring, it may be worth it to upgrade to an insurance plan that will allow you to cancel for any reason whatsoever, no questions asked.


You’re on a cruise ship: Medical treatment costs are extremely inflated for cruisers. If you’re not on a normal health insurance plan that provides some sort of travel coverage, and if your travel insurance doesn’t cover at least $100,000 in emergency medical costs, or $250,000 in medical transport, you might want to consider upgrading your plan.


You’re an adventurer: Many adventure travel activities aren’t covered under normal travel insurance. If you plan on doing anything that might remotely be considered risky — zip lining, bungee jumping, parasailing — ask your provider specifically if those activities are covered and, if not, what you should do to cover them. After all, you don’t want to be thousands of dollars in debt thanks to one stupid skiing accident.


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