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Where to Stay in Bora Bora

by Mary Melnick

Oct 8, 2019

© Alexander Shalamov | Dreamstime.com
The tried-and-true destination of Bora Bora has everything you need for a romantic getaway, from over-the-water resorts and crystal-clear water to picturesque mountains and colorful coral reefs. Take a boat tour, or charter a helicopter for breathtaking views of the Mount Otemanu volcano.

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Bora Bora is a small island located in French Polynesia, surrounded by a beautiful, clear turquoise lagoon and a mountain perched at the island’s center. The island is filled with beautiful scenery and there really is no bad place to stay. Everywhere sounds like a dream.


One of the most popular places to stay is St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, known for the biggest overwater bungalows in the South Pacific. If you aren’t up for staying over the water, try one of the secluded beach villas. Another popular feature is the Lagoonarium, which allows you to snorkel with some of the island’s most popular marine wildlife.


The Four Seasons Resort also offers overwater bungalows that provide you with a great view of Mt. Otemanu. The view of the mountain is one of the best you will get on the island. Spend the day at the beach or relax by the pool; the activities are endless at the Four Seasons.


Conrad Bora Bora Nui is a luxury resort nestled away on the private island of Motu To’opua. With your option to have an overwater villa to a villa on land by the pool, the possibilities are limitless. There are multiple ways to spend your days — relax on the beach, tan by the pool or explore the island with all the activities the resort has to offer.


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