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Where You Should Travel Based on Your Astrology Sign

by Mary Melnick

Oct 8, 2020

Kaua’i, Hawai’i © Nickolay Stanev | Dreamstime

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Yearning to go on a trip, but can’t decide where to go? Follow the stars and try planning for a destination suggested by your astrology sign.


Check the list below to find out where you should go:


Aries tend to gravitate toward adventurous trips where they can explore, hike and engage in a bunch of different action-oriented activities — consider Peru, Spain or Hawai’i.


Taurus signs like to be pampered, to relax and to please all their senses while traveling, especially taste. Taurus should explore a city such as Paris, where they can dine on delicious cuisine and spend hours sipping tasty drinks.


Gemini signs tend to seek trips filled with adventure and curiosity. They want a vacation where they can do a variety of activities and always jump at the chance to learn about a destination’s history and culture. Geminis should plan a trip to a destination like Dubai, Brazil or Mexico.


Cancer signs like to feel calm and relaxed, whether at home or on vacation. Cancer signs should find somewhere surrounded by water on a calming beach that allows them to relax and forget about day-to-day worries, like New Zealand, the coast of Italy or Los Cabos.


A Leo wants to go somewhere they can party and let loose. They love an opportunity to express themselves and celebrate life. Leos should plan a trip to a place like New Orleans or Las Vegas.


Virgos love the feeling of a well-planned trip focused on health and wellness. Try planning a road trip across the California coast with wellness stops along the way or a wellness trip to Bali.


Libras like an aesthetically pleasing destination filled with fun and socialization. Destinations like Lisbon, Greece and Quebec, Canada, offer plenty of art, nightlife experiences and social opportunities.


One thing Scorpios love is mystery and the unknown of destinations and cultures. Throughout their travels, they like to visit mysterious attractions and learn. Scorpios should plan a trip to a destination like Mongolia or Egypt.


Sagittarius are known for their wanderlust and love to spend time exploring the great outdoors. Sagittarius signs should plan a trip to Africa and go on a safari or try glamping under the stars.


A Capricorn tends to seek a historical journey, one where they can learn something new each place they visit. Capricorns should look into planning a trip to China and climb The Great Wall, or Egypt and visit the pyramids.


Aquarius signs likes to give back to those in need, receive intellectual stimulation and be creative; they crave a trip to an exotic place that allows them to experience all three. Aquarius should plan a trip to Morocco, Jordan, Turkey or Kenya.


Pisces tend to gravitate toward the water and like to embark on a romantic journey. Pisces are a water sign and enjoy destinations with plenty of open air and water activities, like the Galapagos Islands, Puerto Rico or Jericho.


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