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Why You Should Visit the Village of Pecatonica for its Sesquicentennial

by Holly Riddle

Feb 9, 2019

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As the results of winter storm Stella melt away, we’re turning our thoughts to the sun. To celebrate the winter season coming to a close, we created a list of the best warm-weather destinations around the world to visit in the early spring, from France and Portugal to Puerto Rico and New Orleans.

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If you’re not 100 percent sure what a “sesquicentennial” is or where Pecatonica is located, you might not be alone. Pecatonica is situated just outside Rockford, Illinois, and its sesquicentennial is its 150th anniversary, a celebration taking place over the entire year.


Monthly events are happening all throughout 2019 to celebrate Pecatonica’s earliest settlers, who arrived in the area in 1835. The village was formally established in 1869 and is now home to Winnebago County Fairgrounds, one of the best school systems in Illinois and lots of green space and natural habitats.


So, what can you expect if you’re in the area? With new events announced monthly, here’s what to add to your calendar next month.


On March 23, the festivities include a sesquicentennial pub crawl. The crawl lasts all through the day, 1:30–8 p.m., and features some of the area’s best watering holes.


Other in-the-works activities for the rest of the year include concerts, culinary events, an ice cream social, holiday events, hayrides, group geocaching, block parties and more.


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