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Wine Trips in Portugal

by Jack Guy

May 13, 2019

© Rui Caldeira | Dreamstime.com

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Portugal has a great tradition in winemaking, and the main wine regions are known as Douro, Alentejo, Vinho Verde and Lisbon.


Douro is found in the north of the country, and takes its name from the river that winds its way through the region. The steep terraces make for fantastic views and photos, plus you can take river cruises that will tour you around the most famous vineyards. Douro is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, and it’s also the birthplace of port.


Alentejo is nearer Lisbon and occupies around a third of mainland Portugal’s territory. It’s broken up into eight sub-regions, each with its own characteristics. Known for easy drinking wines, this picturesque region is also home to some fantastic countryside.


Vinho Verde is in the far north of the country, around sea level. Its mild climate and rich water supply means its great for white wines, known to be light and easy to drink. Sparkling wines from the region are said to be particularly good.


Lisbon is also home to a strong wine tradition with lots of historic wineries within striking distance of the city center. Even if you’ve not got much time in Portugal you can arrange a daytrip to one of them from Lisbon without any trouble at all.


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