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Wineries in Sicily

by Jack Guy

Aug 19, 2019

Marettimo, Sicily © Michele Mondello | Dreamstime

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Sicily was derided for decades as a viticultural backwater, but in recent years the island’s reputation has steadily improved.

One of the best-known wineries is Planeta, which has six estates dotted around Sicily. The headquarters is in Melfi, in the southwest of the island, and the company’s resort, known as La Foresteria, is also nearby.

Over on the slopes of Mount Etna, Belgian winemaker Frank Cornelissen has forged a reputation as a true innovator. Natural techniques are prized here, and the attention to detail is such that visitors are banned from wearing strong perfumes or colognes in case they affect production.

Arianne Occhipinti is a young winemaker based in Vittoria, southeast Sicily. Her wines are part of a growing organic winemaking culture on the island, and a visit to her vineyard is highly recommended. A tasting session costs €20.

Nearby COS Winery also focuses on natural wines, and is owned by another member of the Occhipinti clan, Giusto. As an added bonus, the winery also boasts a lovely 19th-century villa where guests can stay. It will cost around €60 for a double room, with wine tasting starting at €12 per person.



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