Workout Apps

by Audrey Lee

Oct 11, 2018

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Working out, getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle can be tough to track with all of the other crazy things going on in your life. With smartphones usually in the palm of your hand, weight routines, distance trackers and daily caloric intakes can be accessed with a breeze. Here are some apps you can try to organize your workout efforts.

Nike Training Club

Big-name sportswear company Nike challenges customers to become the best version of themselves with more than 100 workouts to scan through that include quick 15-minute routines for your busiest of days. Users can manually enter any other activities performed to keep an accurate list of everything you do to burn calories. This app is only compatible with iPhone and is free.


Targeting certain muscles is easy with the JEFIT app. Compatible on iPhone or Android, working out on this app is a visual experience with step-by-step video and animations to execute the exercise correctly. The app is free for the basic plan or users can pay for more advanced training reports.

GAIN Fitness Builder

This app gives users the option to team up with a personal trainer to customize routines with monthly in-person meetings. If a real-life personal trainer isn’t for you, self-guided plans show users bodybuilding, yoga, Pilates and CrossFit programs. Self-guided sessions are free with paid upgrades while the personal training portion begins at $109 per month.

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