Workplace Habits to Change

by Anne Flannery

Oct 10, 2018

coworkers © Viorel Dudau | Dreamstime

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There are aspects to any job one would rather avoid. The trick is to push against that urge to justify bad habits. Some bad workplace habits might cost you a job and this would be devastating. More often than not, these little habits just feed into a toxic work environment that most people sit and stew in for years. The truth is being a bit tardy, occasionally rude and procrastinating with a big project are rarely grounds for full dismissal; however, it is a recipe for an annoying work environment for you and your co-workers.


So, let’s just imagine you break those habits one at a time. If you show up to work a few minutes late every day, but stay late every night that is something that might be fine. But why not challenge yourself to show up one minute early every day for a week and stay only one minute late? It will set some boundaries for you and send the right message to your co-workers.


Similarly, check your attitude at the door. Your personal life might be blowing up, but consider paying it forward by not taking it out on your co-workers; they probably didn’t do anything. If things are really bad, take a sick day/mental health day because that is what they are for. But if you have gotten yourself to work, then keep it together until lunch and do your best to be as kind as possible to those around you.


Lastly, getting things done by a deadline is often the requirement, but slowly try to create a buffer of an hour, then two, then a day. It will add up. It will help your co-workers, but will also relieve your stress. Coming down to the wire doesn’t feel good for anyone.


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