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5 Spooky Hotels for a Halloween Getaway

by Holly Riddle

Oct 20, 2019

© Alfred Wekelo | Dreamstime.com

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Want to travel somewhere spooky this Halloween? Stay at one of these potentially haunted hotels.


The Stanley Hotel

Everyone knows this hotel — or at least, every horror fan does. The Stanley is known as the stand-in for the hotel featured in The Shining. Beyond this creepy connection, though, the hotel is rumored to be actually haunted by the spirits of previous guests and employees.


The Colonial Inn

The Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts, was built in the early 1700s, so you know it’s seen a lot, including the Revolutionary War. The inn was actually a field hospital during the war and one of the guestrooms served as an operating room — and now it’s the most haunted post in the building.


The Hollywood Roosevelt

Jump forward in time a little bit, and see some ghosts of a more recent nature. Marilyn Monroe is the most famous ghost guest at The Hollywood Roosevelt. Monroe lived at the hotel for a time and reportedly now haunts its halls. Guests report cold spots and odd phone calls.


The Malaga Inn

This boutique property is considered the most haunted hotel in Alabama. The Mobile hotel offers just shy of 40 guestrooms, outfitted with historic furnishings. People claim to see the original owners of the property hanging about and objects move on their own.


The Admiral Fell Inn

Another haunted inn, the Admiral Fell Inn in Baltimore was built in the 1700s and resident ghosts include sailors and former employees. All of these figures are blamed on the hotel’s previous life as a theater and boarding house, where many prostitutes and sailors lived during its heyday.


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