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Nov 20, 2019

LGBTQ+: Durban, South Africa

Durban was once considered the LGBTQ+ capital of South Africa. The nation’s third-largest city has seen a decline in gay gathering spots over the years, and lost the title to its larger neighbors, but it’s still a great destination. Sandy beaches, abundant sunshine and a sprawling urban atmosphere make it a must-see.

Pulled in Different Directions? Car Rental Can Help

While your first inclination might be panic when you map out the various appointments and meetings on your upcoming business trip, relax. Trust us, a rental car has you covered.

Destinations / Africa
Nov 20, 2019

Parc. Café

Durban’s dining scene has a sharp focus on creating a casual, social atmosphere locals love — it is, after all, a giant beach town. Nowhere is this better exemplified than at parc. The popular café serves breakfast, brunch and lunch all day and is the perfect spot to stop and mingle on a trip.

Destinations / Africa
Nov 10, 2019

Under $100: Durban, South Africa

Durban might not be the largest city in South Africa, but it rivals Cape Town in terms of historical significance and global appeal.

Your Home Away From Home

Experience a big-city hotel stay that doesn’t feel like your typical urban visit at Chicago’s Claridge House, nestled in the sought-after Gold Coast neighborhood. The hotel’s sophisticated décor and serene residential ambience foster the atmosphere of an oasis amid the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis.

Destinations / Africa
Oct 30, 2019

South Africa Waives Tourist Visas

For many corners of the world, traveling to South Africa on vacation comes with unexpected paperwork and visa fees for visitors. But in an effort to make travel more attractive and boost tourism, South Africa announced visa waivers for visitors from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and New Zealand. South Africa's official tourism figures showed sluggish tourism figures from Europe and the Middle East, spurring fears the economy faces future struggles. The official GDP data also showed a 3.2 percent drop, the largest in 10 years. The government hopes waived visas will help grow the tourism economy and create more jobs.