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5 Vacations to “Get Fit” in 2024

by Mary Melnick

Jan 26, 2024

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Looking to get fit but still explore the world? Check out these five active vacations:


Trekking in Nepal

Trek around the eighth-highest mountain in the world and across the longest pass in the Himalaya on Nepal’s Manaslu Circuit with Adventure Life. The trip starts with a visit to Kathmandu’s temples and monuments, followed by a trek with an experienced guide. The Manaslu Circuit features remote villages, lush forests and challenging mountains with breathtaking views. Along the way, travelers stay in mountain lodges offering the hospitality of the local Gurung and Tibetan communities.


Yellowstone Adventuring

The Wilson Hotel offers a basecamp for active adventurers looking to explore Yellowstone National Park. During your stay, hike through shaded forests and wildflower-filled meadows, raft and fly fish the clear waters of Gallatin River, feel the adrenaline rush of mountain biking, and explore Big Sky Resort’s 5,850 acres of winter terrain.


Skiing and Snowshoeing in Jackson Hole

Wyoming’s Fireside Resort features 25 luxurious tiny house rental units situated just a short distance from Grand Teton National Park and the Jackson Hole ski slopes. Get a workout in while hitting the slopes and enjoying fresh winter powder.


Biking Across Central Florida

Escape Adventures offers an uncharted and original six-day cycling excursion in Central Florida. Explore backroads and dedicated cycling trails, and bike through big cypress trees and live oaks covered with Spanish moss. The six-day tour allows travelers to see all the diverse landscapes Central Florida has to offer.


Riding the Swiss Alps

Davos Kloster, Switzerland, offers adventures for cyclists of every skill level. Road cyclists can ride the high passes of the Tour de Suisse or the quiet side valley with little traffic. Mountain Bikers can take on the 10,000-meter enduro descent or the longest singletrack in the country. Guests looking to push themselves can take on the steep uphill trails with e-bikes.




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