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Anastasia Ashley: Professional Surfer and Model on VinFast Partnership, Love of California and Conservation Efforts

by Aoife O'Riordan

Apr 25, 2023

© Anastasia Ashley

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California-native Anastasia Ashley has always been drawn to the waves. For as long as she can remember, she and the sea were one, and her special connection with it continues as she hones her skills as a professional surfer.


“I grew up between California and Hawai’i and for me it was kind of natural to be drawn to surfing. I was pretty athletic and it kind of clicked,” said Ashley. “I realized at a young age, around 8 years old, that I wanted to become a professional surfer, which is crazy, because a lot of people don’t know what they want to do for work for many years.”



© Anastasia Ashley

But Ashley’s love for her native state goes beyond just surfing, however. Keeping California’s nature landscapes beautiful and preserved while still being able to travel to see such incredible natural features is important to her, and her recent partnership with VinFast seeks to promote an eco-friendlier way of travel for travelers and locals journeying across the massive state.


Her partnership with VinFast’s new VF 8 City Edition electric crossover culminates in the Boundless Together campaign, where Ashley and professional snowboarder Casey Knox document their journey from summit to sea. Their work with VinFast proves how one can both surf and snowboard in the same day in California with the VF 8 City Edition.


On partnering with VinFast, Ashley remarked, “Not only do I believe in the mission behind the company to make a more sustainable future for everyone, but the VF 8 also provides tons of space for all my gear and is packed with so many cool features at an amazing price, like the panoramic sunroof so I can soak up that California sunshine! I’m so impressed by driving the VF 8 City Edition and hope this video inspires others to get in the car and complete the California Double.”



© VinFast


In the coming months, Ashley will continue the VinFast campaign via social media to showcase even more features of the VF 8 City Edition, a 207-mile-range vehicle perfect for all terrains.


“I’ve been wanting to work with this brand for a long time,” added Ashley. “I’ve been following the brand since it came to the United States and I’ve also always been interested in all things technology and love the idea of an eSUV. This campaign was actually my idea so it was cool so see one of my ideas come to life and see VinFast make that idea come true on the creative side.”


© Anastasia Ashley

And with surf competitions approaching this summer, she is excited to explore more of California’s coastline, as well as return to some of her favorite spots like her hometown of San Clemente and surfing hot spot Huntington Beach. Interestingly enough, Huntington Beach deployed 107 vehicle chargers throughout the city in March 2023 alone, providing residents and visitors with charging options while enjoying the city’s restaurants, surf locations and entertainment spots. Ashley encourages travelers venturing to California this summer to stop in these two towns to see some of the state’s most beautiful coastlines and views of the Pacific.


Ashley hopes to travel to more places within the United States and internationally in the coming years, as well. While she will never turn down the chance to revisit her all-time favorite destination of Bali, she also hopes to soon travel to Alaska. Wherever she ends up, though, her favorite aspect of her job as a professional surfer is traveling and meeting different people, and she is excited to travel even more thanks to her new partnership with VinFast.


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