Best Kiwi Foods To Try in Auckland

by Benjamin Kerns

Oct 12, 2016

© Irina88w | Dreamstime

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Each country has their own unique take on various treats and New Zealand is no exception. If you’re visiting Auckland, or anywhere else in the country, here are a few treats you need to taste before you leave.



Seafood lovers might be familiar with tuatua, but the average eater has probably never heard of these delectable shellfish indigenous to New Zealand. Kiwis love these things because of their milder taste than traditional shellfish and creamier texture. Since the shorelines are teaming with them you can find some on the menu in any restaurant that serves fish.



Australians have their Vegemite and the Kiwis are in love with something called Marmite. To be honest, this stuff is definitely an acquired taste and most foreigners who try it aren’t itching for a second helping, but it’s a staple in every Kiwi cabinet and has to be tried at least once during your trip. Slide some on a slice of bread and give it a go.



It’s hard to turn down a good cookie and if someone offers you an Afghans in Auckland you’d better readily accept, because these things are downright delicious. They’re chocolate and cornflake cookies coated in chocolate icing and topped off with walnuts. Sounds simple, but it’s a lot of great flavor in one small bite.



Pavlova, a true Kiwi dish, is simply a sponge cake with the consistency of a marshmallow made with meringue, fresh fruit and cream. Once you bite through the crispy outside into the center, each slice practically melts in your mouth. Don’t buy the store ones, have a local bake you up one if you can.


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