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Costly Airport Mistakes to Avoid

by Audrey Lee

Oct 20, 2021

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Travel restrictions are finally loosening and world explorers are ready to fly internationally once more. ParkSleepFly crafted a list of mistakes travelers commonly make that end up costing money. Remember these helpful tips before you board your next flight.


  1. Forgetting a Reusable Water Bottle

Using a refillable water bottle is great for the environment and your wallet. By packing an empty bottle in a carry-on, travelers can avoid spending money on something that is overpriced in airport shops and can be attained free of charge.


  1. Parking at the Airport

Save some cash by doing a bit of research on parking options before opting for a spot at the airport. Keeping your vehicle at an airport parking lot can sometimes cost more than the price of the airline ticket. With ParkSleepFly, travelers needing to spend the night close by can safely park at a hotel nearby the night before and use the hotel’s shuttle service to arrive at the airport the following morning.


  1. No Planning Ahead

Skip the frantic adrenaline rush of arriving to the airport too late. Traffic to the airport, check-in and security line waits can be unpredictable and e the cause of a missed flight. Give yourself plenty of cushion time to avoid any delay.


  1. Book the Less-Traveled Airport

Before booking at an airport in a major city, shop around at smaller terminals near your destination. Less-popular airports may be the better option with cheaper airfare.


  1. Overpacking

Nobody means to overpack, but, sometimes, it just happens. Be more conscious about the actual amount of clothing options you will need while on your trip. The additional unneeded outfits can add heft that will bump your bag into the next weight category.


  1. Buying Airport Snacks

The airport shops are notorious for being overpriced. Snacks and meals can end up costing a pretty penny for mediocre food. Stock up on protein-rich snacks before heading to the airport to keep you fuller longer, through your time in the terminal and in the air.


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