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Five Items To Pack If You’re Traveling Solo

by Suzy Guese

Sep 30, 2014

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Traveling all by your lonesome has its advantages. Solo travel can be an empowering experience. It can lead to places you never imagined existed. At the same time, solo travel presents challenges you just don’t have when you travel with someone. If you are hitting the road alone, don’t forget to load up your suitcase with these five items.



Navigating alone is a tricky business, especially if you decide to rent a car. As you might not have someone to help direct you where to go, you should have some sort of GPS whether for road travel or just on your smartphone.


A Bag Lock

Every solo traveler encounters the problem of having no one to watch their bags, especially when you want to take a dip in the ocean. If you are planning on traveling on trains or spending time on the beach, you can pack a bag lock that locks your bag to your chair. A bag lock prevents a thief from trying to grab and run with your belongings when you can’t watch them.


Dual-View Digital Camera

Solo travelers eventually come home to photographs with their thumbs in the corner or very few self-portraits at their destinations. Asking a stranger to snap your photograph can be intimidating. To combat the problem, you will want to pack a dual-view digital camera. The two screens will allow you to see what you are photographing and take those self-portraits with ease.



When you have to stay in budget hotels and hostels on your solo travels, you might question the safety of that lock on your door at night. A doorstopper can prevent anyone from entering your room when you are inside. The market is crowded with different types, some more basic and others with full-blown alarms.


Pocket Journal

Solo travels present a reflective experience. You will want to have easy access to a means to jot down your adventures. A pocket journal makes it simple to record your solo travels day in and day out.



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