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Hotel Room Workout Routine

by Max Bornstein

Aug 26, 2017

hotel workout © Fizkes | Dreamstime

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All the sweat equity you build up in the gym will disappear if you don’t maintain it. Most hotels have gyms, but how many of you use them? You don’t need to train intensely while traveling; however, you do need a maintenance routine. Here’s a hotel room workout to maintain your fitness levels while traveling.

This routine utilizes your imagination, so get creative. Do two sets of each exercise in a circuit for a full-body routine that should take you 30–45 minutes. It’s not about weight, it’s about high reps to activate your muscles and maintain the progress you’ve made.

This entire workout may be done in your hotel room. I’m not liable for anything you do or break in your hotel room. Exercise caution and safety.


Pull-Ups: Use one of the doors in your room. For example, open the bathroom door at a 45-degree angle and wedge a shoe in the bottom to lock it in place. Stand facing the thin inside portion of the door, wrap your hands together and lock them over the top of the door to do pull-ups.

Body Weight Rope Climbs: Using a sheet, tie one end into a big knot. Toss the side with the knot over the door and close the door. Lay on your back on the floor facing the sheet that’s now hanging from the top of the door. Grab the bottom of the sheet, climb to an upright position, slowly climb down and repeat.

Back Extensions: Position a chair near a wall in a manner that allows you to place your waist across the top of the chair and lock your feet against the bottom of the wall to perform back extensions. If the chair is not padded, lay a pillow across the top.


Upright Rows: Grab your suitcase by the side handle with both hands and use it to perform upright rows.

Front Raises: Flip a chair upside down and hold it by the legs to perform front raises.

Military Presses: Sit on the floor with your back against the foot of the bed. Place your hands behind you under the top mattress and use it to perform behind the head shoulder presses. Put your suitcase on top of the mattress to add weight.

Shrugs: On your knees, grab the bottom of the bed by the frame and use it for shrugs.


Bicep Curls: Use the handle of your suitcase for bicep curls.

Hammer Curls: Loop a towel through the suitcase’s handle and grab the towel to do hammer curls.


Close Grip Pushups: Place your hands next to each other and perform pushups.

Bench Dips: Raise your feet on a chair and sit back on the bed to perform triceps bench dips.

Overhead Triceps Extensions: Grab the towel you have hanging from the door and lean forward with it over your head to perform overhead triceps extensions.


Wide Grip Pushups: Perform these as deep as you can. Then elevate your legs and do more pushups.


Use your body weight to perform lunges, squats, step-ups and standing calf raises. If you do not have enough space inside your hotel room, use the hallway.


Sit-Ups: Lock your feet under the side of the bed for sit-ups.

Leg Raises: Perform while laying on your back.

Do planks for one minute.


Now you’ve completed the hotel room workout. Use your creativity and modify the routine to suit your needs. A little maintenance will keep you in shape while away.


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