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Hotel Ziggy Opens in West Hollywood

by Kimberly Krol Inlander

Apr 18, 2022

© Springboard Hospitality


A new hotel has taken up residence on the Sunset Strip: Hotel Ziggy, which boldly embraces differences and challenges conformity, inviting guests to “just be who you are.”


Hotel Ziggy

© Springboard Hospitality


“We created Ziggy to provoke stimulating and meaningful conversations with the intent to spark curiosity and playfully challenge perspectives. What better location than the Sunset Strip to celebrate the rebellious spirit of norm-breaking musicians who have changed how we live?,” said Jon Bortz, chief hotel imaginer, Pebblebrook Hotels. “Hotel Ziggy is located right down the street from the former sites of two world-famous music destinations: Tower Records and House of Blues. As these and other icons are now gone, a legacy here needs to be remembered. We push boundaries with our hotels, and we certainly did that with Ziggy.”


Hotel Ziggy

© Springboard Hospitality


Hotel Ziggy guests are invited to be social, as its bar/lobby area fuses cocktail lounge, pizza joint, music venue and lobby with the bar lined with hundreds of vinyl albums. A record player housed behind the front desk fills the space with music and a retractable glass garage door partitions one end of the lobby to create Backbeat, a music venue. Local musicians are invited to come and share their sound. There’s also the largest saltwater pool in West Hollywood at Hotel Ziggy, with a platform to host live sets from up-and-coming DJs.


Hotel décor celebrates musicians past and present through a collection of memorabilia, including framed legal documents highlighting lawsuits between musicians, producers and streamers to pose the question, “Who really owns the music?” Intended to stimulate conversation, the hotel believes, “Free the music!”


Hotel Ziggy

© Springboard Hospitality


The entire hotel embodies the spirit of musicians to be heard, also evidenced in the street murals that wrap the exterior, the pool courtyard and the lobby, all complemented by modern and vintage furniture, rustic hardwood floors and worn area rugs. A Shred Shed boasts electric and acoustic guitars, amps, records, record players, Walkmans and backpacks for guests to use while in Los Angeles. On-site B-side Pizza calls back to carhops with a pick-up window and a custom, neon-wrapped, nine-inch vinyl album sign.


Rates start at $299.


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