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How Wedding Gifting Etiquette Has Changed

by Mary Melnick

Mar 8, 2022

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Weddings / How To's

These days, it seems like everything is constantly changing, especially trends. One thing that has rapidly changed is wedding norms. People aren’t having a traditional wedding or asking for traditional wedding gifts, which has people wondering if asking for cash is wrong.


With updates in technology, wedding websites have become more popular, offering guests an inside look at the couple’s story and wedding registry. On some websites, guests can even RSVP to the big day to help with sustainable efforts. With the pandemic, the rules of how a wedding should be planned and carried out has changed, and filtered into changes seen in honeymoon trips.


Before, asking for cash to either fund your honeymoon, put it toward a house or into savings was considered taboo. Now, it is more accepted and common. Honeyfund, the No. 1 honeymoon and universal gift registry site, helps couples put cash on their registry. In 2006, Honeyfund CEO and founder Sara Margulis noticed a lot of couples were planning to get married after already living together, thus having no need for appliances, home decor or other household needs. This growing trend saw people preferring cash gifts to put toward and spend on a couple’s getaway. As a result, a new era of wedding gift etiquette is born.


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