AMC Dine-In Theaters

by Anne Flannery

Mar 19, 2018

AMC © Pindiyath100 |

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Going to the movies has more options than ever before. Not only are you greeted by a full snack bar, alcohol options and reclining seats, but you can now combine a full-service restaurant with your movie-going experience.

The AMC DINE-IN features all of the amenities listed above with table service on top of it all. This takes dinner and a movie to a whole new level. The menus attempt to cater to a lot of different tastes, but inevitably, you are looking at slightly upscale fast food. As you would expect, you will pay a lot more in order to combine your dining and movie-going experience into one.

However, if the luxury you crave is to go to the movies and enjoy a pizza and glass of wine while you do it, then this is your jackpot. This concept inverts the old drive-in movie experience and makes it new again. If you are worried about staff interrupting your view of the movie, do not. This is a well-oiled machine. Orders are taken before the movie starts and food is usually delivered during the previews. This means if you want to take full advantage of this service, you will need to arrive to the movie on time, or you may go hungry.

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