America’s Underrated Cities

by Allie Moore

Nov 3, 2016

Louisville Slugger Museum, Kentucky © Thomaskelley | Dreamstime

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Among the usual suspects of the popular cities in the United States lies a cache of exquisite smaller cities and towns often overlooked when it comes to planning domestic vacations. When considering your next getaway for a weekend or extended holiday weekend, the following less-frequented cities may surprise you.


Famous baseball bats at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Kentucky © Lou Oms | Flickr

Famous baseball bats at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Kentucky © Lou Oms | Flickr


Louisville, Ky.

When the annual derby is not in town during the month of May, the southern city is calmer but still buzzes with a subdued local energy. Visit the one-time home of Muhammad Ali and peruse the boutique shops in the city’s east end.


Boulder Canyon, Colorado © John Brennan | Flickr

Boulder Canyon © John Brennan | Flickr


Boulder, Colo.

Just north of its busier neighbor Denver, Boulder springs to life from the Rocky Mountains. Considered a predominantly college town, Boulder has made a name for itself thanks to its signature beers and music festivals.


Pack Square, Asheville, North Carolina © Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

Pack Square © Sean Pavone | Dreamstime


Asheville, N.C.

Recently hitting travelers’ (and hipsters’) must-visit lists is this sleepy Appalachian town where live music and dive bars coexist with the peaceful mountain landscapes.


The Spirit of Detroit, Michigan © Bmosh99 | Dreamstime 50018067

The Spirit of Detroit, Michigan © Bmosh99 | Dreamstime


Detroit, Mich.

Considered in the past as one of the country’s most dangerous cities, Detroit has made an admirable comeback. Microbreweries, a slew of new restaurants and a revitalized downtown scene brightened the city’s reputation and attracted a new generation of Motown fans.



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