Bachelorette Parties for Yogis

by Roxy Rusek

Apr 5, 2017

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Weddings / Bachelor/ette Parties

Fitness-themed bachelorette parties are becoming the next big thing. The yoga culture in particular has peaked the interest of a whole new population of yogis and a vast number of studios, instructors and yoga events are accessible more now than ever before.


Among them are the recently booming yoga-themed bachelorette parties. Every bride wants to look and feel great, so this is such a good idea for everyone. Combining a nice and relaxing activity with friends is a great way to celebrate a new chapter for the bride to be.


When planning for a yoga retreat, keep in mind searching out a package deal versus planning from scratch can make a big difference in the price, but the opportunities are endless.


If you are seeking out packages, many resorts and hotels can offer all-inclusive deals for bachelorette yoga retreats. Just like this one, in Retreat & Restore in Son Torrella, Mallorca. This is a perfect combination of relaxation, meditation, delicious food and brunch beverages.


If you want to put those creative skills to use, you can make your own arrangements with a venue, a yoga instructor and caterer. Let’s face it, the bridesmaids collectively are always a group of crafty and creative individuals and can put together something even in the backyard or on the beach in a picnic-style fashion. A little yoga, a light lunch and a fun activity are great ways to get a nice bachelorette getaway with girlfriends started.


Useful tips:

  1. Find a studio that already offers yoga, or choose a location of liking and find an instructor that would be open to hosting the class.
  2. Choose a caterer to host your afternoon or have each of the bridesmaids bring light fare for all of you to enjoy. Make sure there is a place to store the food.
  3. Think of an activity you can do together with lunch or after. Really let you creativity flow.


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