Best Destinations for the Dollar in 2018

by Allie Moore

Apr 20, 2018

Greece © Ian Woolcock | Dreamstime.com

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Budget travelers have a lot to keep in mind when trip planning: Hotel prices, car rentals and daily meal allowances are the obvious inclusions when preparing a budget. But when traveling internationally, planners also should take into the consideration the exchange rate to calculate how far their U.S. dollars will take them. When planning an overseas getaway this year, here are the top locations where the dollar will go the furthest.


In countries where the euro is used, Americans will find great value when converting from the dollar. Once in the euro zone, stick to less-expensive destinations like Greece, Spain and Italy.


This North Africa gem offers no shortage of culture, shopping and fantastic food. With an exchange rate of 11 cents to one Moroccan dirham, stock up on handmade rugs, leather goods and portions upon portions of delectable tagines.


The exchange between the American and Canadian dollar certainly favors the American, and spring is a great time to visit the neighbors to the north as the seasons change and shoulder-season prices make a trip even more affordable.

Southeast Asia

Neighboring countries like Vietnam and Cambodia boast insanely valuable exchange rates, and prices for lodging, street food and travel within the Indochina peninsula make it easy to see more with less money.


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