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Carbon Fiber Guitars You Can Take On The Road

by Jack Guy

Mar 20, 2016

© Drgill | Dreamstime

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If you can’t live without your music even when traveling, check out this durable travel guitar from KLOS.


While travel guitars have existed for a long time, they are more likely to be damaged than full-size versions of the instrument. KLOS has come up with a revolutionary design using carbon fiber for the body of the guitar, a remarkably durable material used in high-tech cars and other machinery.


Not only does carbon fiber mean the guitar can stand up to the knocks and scratches part and parcel of travel, it won’t be affected by temperature or humidity. The neck of the guitar is made from high-quality mahogany and rosewood, so you still get the feel of a wooden instrument without the fragility.


Musical travelers will be pleased to hear KLOS has tested the guitar to ensure sound quality is top notch, and it has even been played by rock stars such as John Mayer. While Mayer may not be to everyone’s taste, it must be said he knows his way around a guitar.


For travelers who never want the music to stop, KLOS has the perfect solution. At $380, it’s not exactly cheap, but this travel guitar will certainly last. Now, just make sure you learn something other than “Teen Spirit” by Nirvana for your next fireside singalong.




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