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The SnapaXe A — Snap Dragon’s Folding Guitar

by Edward Mack

Jan 19, 2015

© Asafta | Dreamstime

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_full_TraXe A 5 © Snap Dragon

© Snap Dragon

The first reaction upon beholding the SnapaXe A, a Snap Dragon folding guitar, is sheer incredulity. The guitar comes in a small 54 by 8 by 10 centimetercarrying case — slightly smaller and lighter than a trumpet. And that’s with a lot of space to spare.


The guitar unfolds and the body snaps into place easily. The strings stay true through the entire process, and only a slight tuning is required after traveling. Snapdragon smartly outfitted the instrument with string locks. It dissembles and packs just as quickly.


_full_TraXe A 6 © Snap Dragon

© Snap Dragon

A single pickup is buried in the bridge, and the guitar’s body is free of any knobs; all the sound adjustments, therefore, must be made at the amplifier. But this simple, parsed-down design ensures the guitar is light and hassle-free. With a timboo body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge, the SnapaXe is a sleek guitar.


_full_TraXe A 9 © Snap Dragon

© Snap Dragon

Play is easy across the wide fingerboard; the plastic body wing features a deep cutout that will notrestrict any movement up the neck to the full 20 frets. The SnapaXe has a full acoustic sound, just as comfortable playing rhythm as it is picking up the lead.


The primary drawback of the SnapaXe is that it is dependent upon an amplifier to get any kind of powerful sound. It might pair well with a Micro Cube or Pignose amp. Alternatively, acoustic players could travel with headphones.


The SnapaXe is super-compact with a true sound — an ideal instrument for the traveling musician. It’s so small, well built and inexpensive that it is worth it just to have it with you. At £199.00, the SnapaXe A is Snap Dragon’s lowest-priced product of its full range of acoustics, electrics and basses. Its design assures it fits in overhead compartments, car trunks, baggage … anywhere, really. After all, the guitar you play is the one you carry with you.



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