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How to See the Northern Lights in Alberta, Canada, This Year

by Holly Riddle

Apr 24, 2024

© Tyler Lillico | Dreamstime.com

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You may have heard 2024 is going to be one of the best years to see the northern lights and, if you’re interested in experiencing this phenomenon for yourself, you likely have been thinking about making the trip to Iceland or Scandinavia — notable destinations for northern lights viewing. However, you don’t have to leave North America to take in the Aurora Borealis. Alberta offers plenty of spots and ways to see the northern lights.


According to Travel Alberta, there are a few top destinations to consider visiting if you want to see the northern lights throughout the province (whether you take a guided tour or chase the lights on your own).


In northern Alberta, Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest national park in Canada and the largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nearby, you can book a stay at Aurora Borealis Indigenous Village.


In the Rockies, try Jasper National Park and plan to attend the Jasper Dark Sky Festival in October. Jasper is a full-service town within the park that’s also home to a planetarium. Following Wood Buffalo National Park, Jasper National Park is the second-largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world.


Lastly, if you’re trying to stay a little closer to the border, visit Waterton Lakes National Park, adjacent to Glacier National Park in the United States. Both parks, combined, form an International Dark Sky Park.


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