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Rent a Glass House for Your Next Getaway

Craving a little natural light? Rent a glass (or mostly glass) house for your next getaway with one of these options from Vrbo.

Your Home Away From Home

Experience a big-city hotel stay that doesn’t feel like your typical urban visit at Chicago’s Claridge House, nestled in the sought-after Gold Coast neighborhood. The hotel’s sophisticated décor and serene residential ambience foster the atmosphere of an oasis amid the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis.

Want to Stay in a Sandcastle Hotel?

The sands of life may be shifting, but the world has come up with innovative ways to sleep under the stars. Ice castles and underwater hotels are one novelty way to slumber, as well as sandcastle hotels. These temporary, pop-up structures usually coincide with a promotion like National Sandcastle Day to unveil a whimsical way to sleep right on the beach.

Golightly’s Plan for Home Share Security for Women

Traveling solo as a woman comes with a few additional precautions that groups or solo men don’t necessarily have to take. The onset of home shares — which involves renting a room in a shared space or renting an entire person’s private home — brings a new host of safety issues that don’t exist when booking a hotel room. Sites like Airbnb do their best to ensure security, but another private home-sharing company has since sprouted and only offers such services to female travelers.

Unique Places to Stay on the Island of Ireland

Whether it’s a friendly B&B, a luxurious castle or a cliff-top lighthouse, accommodation on the island of Ireland is like no other. With a warm welcome guaranteed, enjoy the very best of Irish hospitality.

Capture the Magic of Celestial-Inspired Travel

Space tourism to see more of the moon isn't new. The Russia Space Agency was the first to take space tourists into orbit during the early 2000s. Virgin Galactic is working on developing commercial spacecraft, with the first orbital flight finally launching in 2018 to a small team.