The Duffster

by Benjamin Kerns

Feb 4, 2015

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Have you ever wondered what to do with that large duffel bag when you’re not using it? You know, aside from shoving it in the back corner of your closet and letting it soak up dust.


The Duffster is an awesome solution. It’s a convenient carry pouch that holds your small personal items like cash, keys or makeup that converts into a full-size duffel bag. It’s two for the price of one that makes travel a tad bit easier with one less bag to haul around.


The Duffster folds in on itself to create a compact carry pouch that you can take with you anywhere when you’re not using it to store your clothes.


The duffel bag contains three zippered pockets for your bigger belongings and two exterior ones for smaller items like a water bottle. It also has a carabineer for you to hang things like your keys off of in a pinch. The Duffster also comes with a separate ditty bag for you to put your shoes or dirty clothes in to keep them separate from your clean ones. Nobody likes to mix clean shirts with sweaty underwear.


It’s made of durable, rip-stop polyester and, best of all, it’s eco-friendly. The bag currently retails for $45.



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