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Jan 20, 2023


The older you get as a traveler, the more a comfortable night’s sleep matters and, for many, the difference between a night of painful tossing and turning and a night of restful sleep all comes down to two things: the mattress and the pillow you sleep on. If you've found the perfect combination of both these things at home, you might wish you could simply take your bed with you, whenever and wherever you travel. While you’re out of luck as far as the mattress, one new product does intend to help you take your personal pillow on the go, without sacrificing space in your suitcase.

Making the Best of an Airport Experience: Hamad International Airport

Whether you’re departing from Doha’s Hamad International Airport (DOH) or transferring, the airport offers a variety of experiences for passengers that will enrich any journey.

Products / Travel
Jan 11, 2023

Be An Eco-Conscious Traveler with a Tote/Pouch Set Made from Jute

Help decrease your travel carbon footprint by investing in eco-conscious travel gear. Designed with avid travelers in mind, the Suncatcher Carryall Pouch and Tote from Sidney Byron is durable, built for travel and improves with age.

Jan 10, 2023


Not finding your ideal flight options via your standard travel booking platforms? You might want to try Shoopit. This search engine and browser extension helps find flights at the best possible price. Unlike other platforms promising the same results, Shoopit goes a step further by searching local versions of flight-booking websites. This method bypasses higher prices you might see based on your IP address or geographic location.

Treasure Every Moment in The Islands of Tahiti

Welcome to The Islands of Tahiti, where every moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered. From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted with warm hospitality, time-honored traditions and an awe-inspiring landscape that will take your breath away.

Products / Travel
Jan 4, 2023

Must-Have Camping Gear for Winter, According to the Pros

According to Pitchup.com, an outdoor accommodation booking website, bookings for outdoor winter trips are up more than 60 percent from last year. That said, travelers aren’t letting chilly temperatures and snowy forecasts stop them from spending time in the great outdoors. Dan Yates, outdoor expert and founder, Pitchup.com, shares his favorite gear for outdoor adventures like cross-country skiing, seeing the Northern Lights in Norway and snowshoeing through the Appalachian Mountains.