Italy Driving Tips

by Allie Moore

Apr 24, 2018

Italy © Aleksandr Stepanov |

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Driving in a foreign country can be one of the best ways to see the surroundings like a local and visit places that aren’t part of the main tourist thoroughfares, but renting a car can come with a host of headaches, from insurance to traffic rules to following directions and potentially getting lost in a new place. Specifically, renting a car in Italy holds its own challenges. Here are a few unwritten rules for ruling the road all over Italia.

Swipe at tolls. In Italy, tolls accept credit cards so using plastic when passing through is a convenient allowance. However, broken machines are not uncommon, so it’s wise to have cash on hand in case of any malfunctioning machines.

Stay out of the left lane … unless you are passing another car. In Italy, the left lane is reserved for passers only, so keep to the right for the majority of your journey.

Read up on ZTLs. These “Zona Traffico Limitado” areas are mostly located in larger cities like Rome and Florence, and they restrict the allowance of vehicles in certain city centers. A pass is required to drive through these areas, and drivers (usually local residents or commercial vehicle conductors) must possess a permit. Although there are no physical barriers preventing cars from driving into these areas, there are traffic cameras that can catch wayward vehicles.


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