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Long Flight? Grab One Of These Magazines

by Brendan Byrne

Jun 19, 2016

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Without a doubt, traveling opens our eyes and minds to new cultures, landscapes, people and everything in between. That being said, getting there isn’t always the greatest. The majority of people don’t exactly look forward to long flights, but they don’t necessarily have to inspire dread, either. Magazines are the perfect flight companion, and here are a few that keep you going while you’re stuck in that center coach seat.


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The New Yorker

Published weekly, The New Yorker is the perfect flight companion. Full of reportage, commentaries and criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons and poetry, The New Yorker is chockfull of a wide range of topics destined to sate any inquisitive mind. Text-heavy and light on the pictures, The New Yorker easily fits into your carry-on.


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The Economist

If you are a big world news buff or keen on international economics, The Economist is the ideal publication to bring on your journey. A chronicle of modern-day news, economics and culture, The Economist takes a liberal tone on issues such as free trade, globalization and free immigration, among many others. The Economist is the perfect way to update yourself on world issues while traveling it.



Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s is the perfect magazine for those looking for a little bit of everything. Literature, politics, culture, finance and the arts are all here, packed into a magazine that will slip right into your backpack. Literary, brainy and left-leaning, Harper’s is the second-oldest continuously published magazine in the United States and is an American institution. Its clean, type-heavy design allows for it to be heavy on the content without being too bulky, perfect for carrying it onto the plane.


This is only a selection of all of the great magazines that are perfect options for killing time on a long flight. Make sure you step into the closest terminal bookstore and pick up that publication before the final boarding call!



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If you have kids in the house, you likely already know what a challenge it can be anytime they come into the kitchen. Whether they want to help with a batch of chocolate chip cookies or you’re just trying to make any ol’ dinner, messes — and maybe a few tears — are likely to ensue. Baketivity helps families streamline the kids-in-the-kitchen experience, with baking kits featuring everything you need, as well as easy directions, so you can enjoy more treats and fewer tears. This summer, it has even given its subscription boxes a travel twist, focusing on sweet treats from countries like Sweden, Mexico and Italy.

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