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Scarves for Travel

by Bridey Heing

Nov 25, 2014

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When it comes to travel essentials, scarves are the go-to of in-the-know jetsetters. Large, soft and versatile scarves are the perfect blend of practicality and fashion, making any comfy airplane outfit look polished in an instant. Whether you are on a trek around the world or just to the next state, here are a few scarves that may be just up your alley.


Infinity Scarves

Infinity scarves, which are essentially scarves with the ends connected to make a big circle, are great for those on-the-go. No worries about the scarf falling from around your neck, and they are often big enough you can use it to cover your head or shoulders. But let’s do one better: Sholdit and SpeakEasy Supply Co offer infinity scarves with pockets sewn in, perfect for stashing cash, passports or keys.



For a little bit of simple luxury, turn to pashmina scarves. Also called pashmina shawls, these scarves are big enough to be used as beach towels or blankets, and that multitasking is what makes them such a great travel wonder. Pashmina is also super durable and soft, with a high-end look even when purchased on Amazon. These scarves are available everywhere, including retailers like Target (www.target.com), and can be had at bargain prices!



Silk may not be great for keeping you warm, but if bound for tropical climates, a silk scarf is a great tool to have in your bag. Great for covering hair on a windy day or wrapping around shoulders while on the beach, silk looks and feels luxurious. But be careful — silk can be difficult to repair and costly to clean if something happens. Best to leave this scarf in your travel bag until ready for use, unlike more utility, cotton scarves.


Simple Cotton

Sometimes going simple is the best option, and if you know your scarf will take a beating, opt for cheap and hassle-free cotton. With tons of color and pattern options, cotton scarves can be found to match any style. And you won’t have to feel bad if a fellow traveler spills coffee on it or if it gets left behind on a bus. That peace of mind is a lifesaver while on the road.



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