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Skydive the California Coast with SkyDiving Santa Barbara

by Catrina Linhard

Mar 10, 2016

Skydiving Santa Barbara, California © Roberta Romero | Flickr

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If it’s still on your bucket list, skydiving somewhere along the coast is the best way to do it. Freefalling from 13,000 feet is somehow much more relaxing when you’re looking at stunning views of the California coastline.


Skydive Santa Barbara has some of the most reasonably priced skydiving in the state. The cheapest option is a tandem jump from 8,000 feet for $169. The most popular jump from 13,000 feet is $209.


When you arrive, you’ll check in and be asked to watch a safety video and sign the appropriate waivers. You can add the video option to your jump and with that you’ll get the full GoPro video your tandem jump partner will record the entire way down.


After you’ve checked in, you’ll go into the warehouse where they store the planes and chutes. The area has a community feel to it with couches and foosball tables. You’ll meet your tandem jump partner, all of whom (with no surprise) have a ton of good energy. They’ll walk you through how the jump is going to go as they strap you into your harness. Then you load the plane.



The plane ride up is almost as exciting as the free fall down with the energy of the other first-time jumpers on board. Then comes the jump. They’ll ask you to tuck your head on the initial jump and spread your arms when they tap your shoulder.


The fall is incredible and goes by fast. Before you know it, your tandem jumper will have pulled the chute and you’ll be gliding along slowly.


Between the views, the tandem jumpers and the high amount of safety I felt the entire time, this place comes highly recommended.


Skydive Santa Barbara

1801 North H Street

Lompoc, Calif. 93436

805 740 9099



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