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May 27, 2016

Tips for Camping in the Desert

With all the hustle and bustle of modern living, life can get stressful. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, and the desert is a perfect place to do so. Completely devoid of any human affect, the desert is a starkly beautiful and serene location for a camping trip. It can also be an incredibly dangerous and intimidating place if not properly prepared, so make sure you are ready for what nature might throw at you.

Work and Play in Italy

ONCE THE FINAL MEETING WRAPS and the last contract is signed and sealed with a handshake, what’s next? Do you catch a flight back home or do you take advantage of the destination? If your next business trip is to Italy, we suggest adding a few more days to explore the country’s most amazing hot spots. Make time for more than a mouthwater- ing Italian meal in these three cities.

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May 25, 2016

Visit Lake Baikal, the Deepest Lake in the World

The spectacular Lake Baikal is situated in Siberia, making it inaccessible for a large portion of the year.

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May 25, 2016

New Camping Gear for the Spring and Fall

The great outdoors can take a toll on camping gear and although most gear is built to withstand the rugged conditions, a nice upgrade this spring could make all the difference.

Work and Play in Italy

Once business concludes, a world of wonder awaits in many of Italy’s incredible cities.

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May 11, 2016

Tips for Camping Overseas

While the United States might have some fairly epic outdoor destinations, some of the best camping can actually be found overseas. Whether you’re dreaming of spending the night in the French Alps or alongside Tianman Mountain in China you’ll need to keep some things in mind before heading out.