The Best of Lake Tahoe for a Bachelorette Weekend

by My Best Friend’s Weekend

Sep 22, 2015

Sand Harbor Beach, Lake Tahoe © Mariusz Blach | Dreamstime

Bachelor/ette Parties

Lake Tahoe is one of those wonderful locations that can be a blast for a bachelorette at any time of the year. For a group that loves to ski, make the trip there sometime after December for the best snow. Plus, there are options for ice skating and snowshoeing for friends less excited about the ski and snowboarding scene. For a group that prefers to be outside in warmer weather, go any other time of year and enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and boat-enabled bar hopping.


Some of the other highlights?


To eat: Café Fiore (if you can snag a table), Beacon Bar & Grill (on the lake) and Evan’s American Gourmet Café are all excellent options. There are also a few stand-out BBQ choices, including the Backyard Bar and BBQ at The Ritz-Carlton or the view and BBQ at the 360 Degrees Smokehouse, with a 360-degreee view from the top of the chairlift. For margs and Mexican, check out Cabo Wabo or Azul Latin Kitchen. For late-night food, you can’t go wrong at either Himmel Haus or MacDuffs.


To do: Beyond all the outdoorsy activities listed above, there are several brewery and wine tasting choices. Stateline Brewery is likely the easiest to get to, but The Brewery at Lake Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Brewing Company are also solid choices. If you prefer wine, check out Picchetti Winery Tasting Room or go a tasting at Apres Wine Company.


To go out: There are a ton of choices, from proper dive bars (Sam’s Place) and Whiskey Dicks, to clubs, including PEEK at Harrah’s or one of Mont Bleu’s two clubs, Opal and Blu, which boast great DJs, fire dancers and so on.


Happy travels!


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