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Tips for Attending a Same-Sex Wedding

by Benjamin Kerns

Jul 20, 2016

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Weddings / How To's

With gay marriage officially the law of the land now, you’re bound to be invited to a few in the near future. If you’re worried about how to act at one of these fabulous functions, don’t fret, it’s kind of new to us, too. Here are a few tips that’ll help you out.


Don’t Bring Up Politics

We won, and we’re super happy about it, but that doesn’t mean we need to start debates during our special days. Keep your political views, whether for or against, to yourself during the wedding and reception and just focus on the joy.


Dress Accordingly

There’s no denying gay men have a certain knack for style and a lot of the time that’ll appear in an eclectic choice of wedding outfits. Of course, they often just want to stick to tradition, too. Whatever you do, follow the dress code and don’t use this as an opportunity to show up the brides or grooms. For the love of all that is holy please do not dress in a rainbow suit.


Learn to Dance

It’s a gay wedding, so rest assured there will be dancing. Come prepared for a good time and make sure you take a lesson or two beforehand if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself on the dance floor. Or forget it and just go crazy, because what we really want is for you to have fun.


Don’t Ask Who’s The Groom

Or the bride, for that matter. Frankly, it’s just offensive and won’t be funny. It’s okay this whole business might be new to you, but gender stereotyping isn’t acceptable in everyday life and certainly not at a same-sex wedding reception.


Show Lots of Love

It’s a sad reality many same-sex weddings are going down without certain family members present, thanks to some “special” beliefs. Make up for that by showering the happy couple with all the love you have to give on their special day and show them family is more than blood.



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