Top 5: Hotels in Havana, Cuba

by Jack Guy

Oct 18, 2017

Havana © Nobohh | Dreamstime

Top 5 / Caribbean

Havana is having a moment and there are hundreds of places to stay in the Cuban capital. Here are five of the best options for your next trip.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Treat yourself to a stay at the atmospheric Hotel Nacional, perched on a rocky promontory looking over the Malecon. It was here Frank Sinatra famously played to a meeting of the North American mafia after World War II, and history seeps from its storied walls. Don’t forget to try one of the cocktails while looking out over the lush garden.

Hotel Terral

This modern hotel is found on the seafront and the interior was designed by a group of Cuban artisans using primarily black wood. It’s a unique space and one that contrasts with the traditional interior design of other well-known hotels in the city — a sign of the new Havana.

Hotel Telegrafo Havana

The oldest hotel in Cuba used to house a telegraph station, the first in the country, when it opened in 1860. These days, the hotel offers a place to stay in its high-ceilinged rooms in Havana Centro, just a stone’s throw from the Capitolio.

Hotel Palacio del Marques de San Felipe

It might look like a traditional hotel from the outside, but, inside, this spot is firmly minimalist. It’s a design hotel with a terrace that looks over St. Francis de Assisi Square in Old Havana, making it an atmospheric place to stay.

Hotel Ambos Mundos

Another good option in Old Havana, this traditional hotel was one of many places writer Ernest Hemingway stayed during his time in Cuba. With a vast downstairs bar and well-appointed rooms, it gives guests a taste of the Havana of old.

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