Top 5: Pieces of Art at ATL

by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Jul 22, 2016

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport © Joseph de Palma | Flickr

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Since Mayor Maynard Jackson commissioned the first nine pieces of art housed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in 1979, the airport’s collection has since grown to more than 250 pieces across a range of mediums. Unless you’re a regular jetsetter, you probably won’t see all of them, so here are some of our favorites.


“Veneers” by Amy Landesberg, International Terminal – EF Connector

This 600-foot art wall is actually a collection of 127 works created by Amy Landesberg, who fused 508 pieces of glass that depict nature from unique perspectives.


“Cicero on D” by Cicero C. Simmons, Concourse D

The north end of Concourse D features 30 black and white photographs taken by Cicero C. Simmons, the famous Georgia native known for capturing the everyday life of rural Jackson County.


“Past and Present in Moving Color” by Robert Delgado, North Terminal Curbside

Robert Delgado’s ceramic tile façade was installed in 1998, showcasing the history of travel and all the emotions that go with it, whether it’s visiting an old friend or moving to a new city.


“Flying Machines” by Charles David Hubbard, Gate E-18

This gate features four flying machines created from the imagination of Charles David Hubbard. The pieces are made entirely out of recycled machines and typically discarded materials like typewriter parts and aerosol cans.


“Reflections” by Tim Prentice, SkyTrain Station – Rental Car Center

Inspired by the element of wind, sculptor Tim Prentice aims to visualize the movement of air and induce a child-like wonder with his hanging, reflective art installation.



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