Water Sports in Turks and Caicos

by Katie Skrzek

Jul 5, 2016

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A visit to Turks and Caicos is not complete without experiencing its turquoise waters up close. For the adventurous traveler, there is a variety of exciting water sport opportunities throughout the islands. Book an excursion through your hotel’s concierge, or check out one of the many private tour operators in Turks and Caicos.


If fishing is your goal, try BITE ME Sport Fishing. Led by a local fisherman who was born and raised in Turks and Caicos, guests take part in exciting half-day or full-day tours. No experience is required. Blue Water Divers specializes in diving experiences for small groups with personal attention.


Check out Big Blue Unlimited (www.bigblue.tc) for stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, kiteboarding, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, diving, private charters and eco tours. Blue Whale Tours & Excursions offers several different types of tours including snorkeling, fishing and cruises. You’ll get an up-close look at the local ocean life. The award-winning Island Vibes Tours invites guests to become fully immersed in island life. Half-day and full-day excursions are available for snorkeling, diving, sunset tours and BBQs.


Hours and pricing vary. Call your preferred tour operator for full details regarding availability and cost.



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