XShot Pro Camera Extender

by Akhil Kalepu

Oct 19, 2014

© Swimnews | Dreamstime

© XShot

© XShot

In the age of smartphones, the ubiquitous selfie has come to define digital photography. Another trend in the extreme sports scene is the use of GoPro cameras to capture your most breathtaking adventures. The Pro Camera Extender from XShot takes these two photography techniques and combines them, allowing you to take some of the most epic selfie shots ever seen.


The XShot is essentially a telescopic pole with a tripod mount, giving you extra reach and height on shots that let you take huge, wide-angle crowd shots and impressive extreme sports videos. It can extend up to 32 inches, while being able to retract to a compact 7 inches, giving you plenty of reach while remaining portable at just 7 ounces, though the XShot Pro has a aluminum construction and is still very durable.


© XShot

© XShot

The mount features a 360 ball that lets you position the camera to any angle as needed. The other end has a rubber grip with an adjustable lanyard, ensuring a secure fit while on the most rugged shoots. If you are a GoPro user, the mount is interchangeable between the universal camera mount and XShot’s GoPro mount, though GoPro’s own universal mount is compatible as well.


One thing to keep in mind is that this product must be washed after use in saltwater, as it is corrosive to aluminum, though fresh water is perfectly safe. Also, XShot’s GoPro mount requires an allen wrench to switch out, so GoPro’s own universal mount might be a better option.



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