Under $100: Richmond, Virginia

by Samantha DiMauro

Feb 12, 2015

Richmond’s Old City Hall, Virginia © Glenn Nagel | Dreamstime

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Chihuly Exhibit, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts © Leslie Veen | Flickr

Chihuly Exhibit, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts © Leslie Veen | Flickr

The capital city of Virginia is rife with American war history, a cutting-edge art scene and unbeatable comfort food. A week-long trip could only bring youthrough half the sights worth seeing, but if you’re strapped for time, check out this quick itinerary for a hearty taste of the city.


Start your day in Richmond with a morning walk to Belle Isle. This little hunk of land sits delicately within the rocky James River, dotted with wildlife, walking trails and building ruins to explore. It’s accessible via a suspension footbridge, which provides stunning views of the city skyline.


Bygone's Vintage Clothing, Richmond, Virginia © Catherine | Flickr

Bygone’s Vintage Clothing, Richmond, Virginia © Catherine | Flickr

Rest up and fill up for breakfast at The Dairy Bar Restaurant, a “Richmond tradition since 1946.” They serve anything you could ever want out of a morning meal, from omelettes stuffed with homemade chili and cheese to country-style corned beef hash.


A visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is well worth the time while you’re in town. It’s also free of charge. The museum attracts many popular traveling retrospectives encompassing key components in world culture, as well as playing host to an impressive collection of Native American art.


For lunch, stop at Galaxy Diner, where you won’t find anything on the menu for more than $15. They’re much loved for their Super Nova beef burgers (like the Spicy Hawaiian, topped with pepperjack, jalapenos and pineapple), or if you’re looking to indulge, order the country-fried steak, served with two sides and a biscuit.


Byrd Theatre, Richmond, Virginia © Eli Christman | Flickr

Byrd Theatre, Richmond, Virginia © Eli Christman | Flickr

While you’re in Carytown, you’ll want to go shopping. Bygones Vintage Clothing stocks a serious blast from the past, but if you’re looking for a steal, check out Luxor Vintage Clothing for consignment shop gems. And if you have time before dinner, catch a movie at the historic Byrd Theater for only $1.99 per person.


For a seafood dinner made with Southern soul, you’ll want to dine out at Croaker’s Spot. The restaurant was founded by one Mr. Croaker, born in Jackson Ward, Va., who later opened Croaker’s Spot in Harlem as a jazz club and authentic soul food eatery. Today, go there to dive into dishes like shrimp and grits, fried oysters and Southern-sauteed chicken.



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