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Under $100: Washington D.C.

by Bridey Heing

Sep 5, 2014

Canal in Georgetown © Olivier Le Queinec | Dreamstime

North America

Get ready to pound the pavement by starting your day at Firehook Bakery. This local, family-owned chain has locations around the city. Snag a coffee and bagel, breakfast sandwich or something sweet. Or, if you’re in Adams-Morgan, stop by So’s Your Mom, a family-owned deli with some of the best breakfast sandwiches in town. Just make sure to bring cash, as they don’t accept cards. Either of these places will have you in and out for less than $10.

Rather than head straight downtown, make your way over to Georgetown. The historic neighborhood isn’t accessible by train, so hop a bus or walk. If you’re in Northwest, cut through Rock Creek Park. The walk is a bit longer, but you won’t regret it once you see the tree-lined paths and lush greenery.

Georgetown’s colonial architecture is perfect for history enthusiasts, while the popular M Street is lined with shops ranging from high-end to resale. Buffalo

Exchange is a must for any fashion fan, with deals on anything from Madewell to vintage dresses. The street can get busy, but before noon you won’t have to wrestle with the crowds.

For lunch, visit Good Stuff Eatery. These delicious burgers will set you back about $7, but budget about $15 if you want fries or a shake. The fries come in large servings, so sharing with a friend is a great option. And although the shakes are delicious, you may want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a trip to Baked & Wired. The cupcakes are around $4 and so big you can share with a friend. Get one to go, then sit along the canal or head down to the waterfront to enjoy some fresh air.

Time to head downtown! Hop on the Metro using a Smarttrip card, which saves you $1 per ride over paper tickets, and hop off at any of the numerous National Mall stops. Coming from Georgetown, that means taking the Red Line from Farragut North to Gallery Place. A short walk down 7th Street will land you on the Mall, with easy access to all the Smithsonian museums, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Any of those are free, so take your pick!

Feeling peckish after museum hopping? Cut back up 7th Street to Pitango Gelato, where an affogato or scoop of gelato will cost you around $6 or $7. Once you’ve gotten something sweet into your system, head back and resume your exploration.

If you haven’t already, the National Gallery of Art is a great last stop. There’s never a long line for admission and comfy couches make it easy to relax while looking at the gorgeous art. When the museums start to close, people watching on the steps overlooking the Mall is a great way to end a busy day.

With Metro fare, you’ve spent about $40 so far. That leaves a lot of wiggle room for a delicious dinner. If something light sounds good, try one of D.C.’s many food-focused happy hours, which run throughout the week. Policy has generous small plates and drinks for $5 and lots of local restaurants offer $1 oysters. Or, if you’d rather fill up, take your pick of local eateries, where it’s easy to get a delicious dinner for $20 to $30.

That leaves $30 for after dinner fun. D.C. offers some great bars, including Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan or Black Cat at 14th Street and U Street NW. If you’re feeling exhausted from a long day of exploring, skip the scene and head to the movie theater. E Street Cinema and West End Cinema both offer a full bar, so you can enjoy a drink while you relax and watch a movie.


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