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2 Ski-Adjacent Resorts for Travelers Who Don’t Ski

by Holly Riddle

Dec 8, 2022

© Topnotch Resort

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If you don’t ski, but you’re headed to a cold-weather destination this season, you might be wondering where exactly you’ll go and what you’ll do. You might come across a lot of ski resorts in your research. Likewise, if you have a skier in the family or your friend group, they might press for a ski resort vacay — but what are the rest of you going to do while they’re on the slopes?


Luckily, it’s not terribly hard to find ski resorts suitable for the travelers in your crew who don’t ski, thanks to a bevy of fun amenities and other offerings. If you’re staying on the East Coast, try one of these two resorts.

© High Peaks Resort


High Peaks Resort


In Lake Placid, New York, skiers can enjoy the Olympic mountain that is Whiteface, but those who want something else to do will find it in and around the Adirondacks. If you stay at High Peaks Resort, you’ll be within walking distance of all of downtown Lake Placid’s best shopping, dining and even a few outdoor experiences, like dog sledding on the village’s Mirror Lake.

fire pit

© Topnotch Resort


Topnotch Resort

In Stowe, Vermont, there’s plenty of skiing to be had at the nearby resorts, but Topnotch Resort makes an amazing home base for even non-skiers. There are plenty of activities going on during the winter months, both at the resort and in the surrounding area, whether you want a spa treatment, a snowmobiling excursion or a brewery tour.


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