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Best Christmas Gifts For Keen Campers By

by Jack Guy

Dec 25, 2015

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Christmas is a time to indulge your loved ones and buy them those items they might not be able to justify buying themselves.


The same goes for campers, who might have been holding back from buying some pieces that would improve their camping experience due to expense. The following gifts will go down a storm with those people in your life that enjoy the great outdoors.

There is nothing worse than wandering around your camp in the same sweaty boots you wore all day, and North Face makes the perfect solution. The Nuptse slippers look like they’re made from a sleeping bag, and they are quite similar. For just $54, you can make sure there will be no more squelching around camp in wet muddy boots.


When it comes to jackets, the Patagonia Nano-Air hoody combines warmth and breathability and is perceived to be one of the best mid-layers you can buy. At $299, it’s not cheap but if you can’t spoil your family at Christmas, when will you spoil them.

While it’s not exactly a luxury item, there should be no skimping when it comes to maximizing your chances of survival if something goes wrong in the wilderness. With the SOL Origin Survival Tool, you have everything you need to alert others to your emergency situation, including a signal mirror, knife and various types of cord.


Every camper loves to take a multi-tool away with them, even though most attachments never get used. For that special camping fan in your life, why not splash out on a military-grade Letterman multi-tool. The Super Tool 300 EOD balances quality and affordability at $99.



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