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How to Survive Holiday Travel

by Benjamin Kerns

Dec 21, 2015

Hong Kong International Airport © Tea | Dreamstime

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The holidays are a fun time to spend with family and friends, but it often means traveling across the country. Whether you’re hitting the roads or the skies, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.


Give Yourself Extra Time

Relieve stress by leaving a day early, if possible. That way you won’t feel rushed, are less likely to be delayed and, if you’re driving, won’t feel compelled to speed and cause hazardous conditions on the roads for yourself and others.


Weatherproof Your Car

If you’re going to be driving even short distances, make sure your car or truck can handle the weather. The winter holidays often mean a chance of ice and snow and you don’t want to try and traverse either without the proper tires. Throw chains on there if you don’t have four-wheel drive, and maybe even if you do.


Stay Organized

If you’re traveling with small children in tow they’re likely excited and rambunctious in anticipation of all the upcoming toys. It’s important to keep them in good spirits but also behaving and listening. Implement a plan to get yourselves from one destination to the next and stick with it, even if you have to be the bad guy for a bit.


Pack Wisely

You’re probably going to have gifts with you as you go, so make sure you pack in a way that keeps them safe but also makes it easy for security to know what’s in your pack. Bubble wrap is your friend. Be sure to check ahead of time that your gifts are items allowed on a plane if you’re flying.



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