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Top 5: Desserts in Rome

by Allie Moore

Jan 6, 2016

© Djama86 | Dreamstime


In the eternal city, a history of sins rings from the ancient ruins. Even in modern-day Rome, you can indulge your inner glutton and dive right into these sinfully delicious desserts, available at most restaurants and even at their own specialty stores.


Tiramisu © Grafvision | Dreamstime 53506026

© Grafvision | Dreamstime



This spongy, layered cake is a perfect accompaniment to that post-dinner espresso. Made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, the java flavor seeps through the layers of whipped cream, cocoa and a mascarpone cheese/sugar mixture. Some recopies will include a dash of amaretto or Marsala for a slight flavor boost.


Italian Gelato Ice Cream © Jackmalipan | Dreamstime 55680900

© Jackmalipan | Dreamstime



Simply translated, gelato is Italian for ice cream. But the recipe is a bit different and clearly evident in its creamy taste and strong flavors of pistachio, tiramisu and other sugary and fruity varieties. Gelato is made with a small amount of air, attributing to its slightly fluffy consistency, and it is lower in fat but higher in sugar than standard ice creams. Served in a cone or a cup, scoops start at just €2.


Chocolate Biscotti © Marko Sumakovic | Dreamstime 45904948

© Marko Sumakovic | Dreamstime



Alongside one of the world´s best cappuccinos, enjoy this delectable cookie that comes in a variety of flavors, and more than 50 flavors at Biscottificio Innocenti.


Cannolis © Arhimax | Dreamstime 49974993

© Arhimax | Dreamstime



Originating in Sicily, and Sicilian for ¨little tube,¨ creamy ricotta fills the fried dough cone sprinkled with sugar and served in various sizes. A myriad of fillings have inserted themselves in these fried cones as the dessert has evolved throughout the world.


Cornetti © Liana Bukhtyyarova | Dreamstime 60311511

© Liana Bukhtyyarova | Dreamstime



What may seem like a classic croissant from the outside can be full of sweet surprises with one bite. Cornetti are pastries that can be coated with a simple glaze, or they can be stuffed with sweet jams, mostly fruit flavored. They also can be filled with creamy milk or dark chocolate, providing a sweet start to your day.



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