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Adrenaline Junkies Build 18-Story Rope Swing In Bulgaria

by Jack Guy

Mar 29, 2016

© Aldorado10 | Dreamstime

Trends / Adventure

A team of thrill-seekers in Bulgaria built a massive rope swing that lets you plunge from an 18-story building.


Never before has a Soviet-era apartment block been repurposed for such extreme ends. The group, who define themselves as “children of a Soviet ghost reality,” claim they were “raised in a graveyard of monumental architecture and ideology in concrete.”


While the language may be grand, there is no arguing with the rope swing. If you thought the 20-foot swing over a river was a bit of a thrill, be prepared to have your mind blown.



Jumping from the roof of an 18-story building means the guys in the video are using a rope swing approximately 280 feet off the ground. As you can hear from their screams, the forces exerted on your body jumping from that height are pretty significant.


As human beings we have a desire to push the boundaries as far as we possibly can. For one bored group of Bulgarians, this meant building a massive rope swing. How will you push your boundaries?


The rope swing was supported by Red Bull, Kilari and Burton, among others. I don’t think I would have volunteered to be the first person to jump off the untested swing, but if you find yourself in Bulgaria, get in touch with masterminds Vasil Tuchkov and Ilko Iliev, the crazy dudes responsible for building the monster swing.



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